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Addition of services for your property. We now include deer repellent sprays,
round-up on driveways & patios, pruning of ornamental trees, fruit trees & tree
& shrub planting.

Summer heat & stress have taken a toll on your turf.  Area's that have had
drought stress, disease issues or sandy soils should be dealt with in the
early fall.
  • Aeration, overseeding, soil amendments all
    should be done in the early fall.
  • Ph analysis to determine if a fall liming is
    also needed.
  • Lawn renovations to install better quality turf
    to withstand diseases and drought.
J.A. Lawn Dimensions, Inc.

We are a full service lawn and tree care company. We provide tailored
programs to maintain the health and beauty of your property. Over 20 years
experience servicing the East End of Long Island.
J.A. Lawn Dimensions, Inc.
P.O. Box 1306
Hampton Bays, NY 11946
O: 631-728-5128
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Email: joel@jalawndimensionsinc.com
Well spring is here. But it sure dose not feel like. 2015 is getting off to a slow start. As the snow melts it
s time to make an evaluation of your property to see what may need to be done after this harsh winter.
Spring seeding may be needed, tree & shrub repairs which include staking, pruning, deep root
feeding, removal. Also now is the time to get ready to plant. Deciduous trees can only be dug and
planted in the spring before bud break and again in the fall after leaf drop. Also if you have not signed
up for spray programs(tick, tree & shrub, turf care) now is the time. Don't wait! Call to get an estimate.